Silent Pool

Silent Pool has been a key client for Cutlass in 2017, with a significant amount of activity across a number of areas. This has been key to developing the model described above, where Cutlass is now working as more of a consultancy, and across multiple fields. Silent Pool has been the test case in proving just how successful this formula is (brand + distributor + cutlass) in delivering a strong, joined up, campaign across multiple outlets and to different audience types. Silent Pool Distillery have, in fact, taken this model forwards in their new markets overseas for launches and promotion going forwards. The brand currently sits in 16 markets across the world including Duty-Free and the US.

In terms of activity this year for Silent Pool Distillery Cutlass have promoted a Valentines Day cocktail: ‘Rosa’s Ruin’ created by Hanna Bixo, of Hawksmoor in London, including creative and photography. The Wry Vodka brand was introduced to the trade and consumer markets through a ‘White Label’ infusions project long side The Crucible’s Stu Bale (arguably the hottest talent in the industry currently), with events bringing high profile London bartenders to globally awarded cocktail bars for events and masterclasses. A new series of events ‘Intricately Realised’ has just been launched, with Cutlass working on the concept created by CASK Liquid Marketing, and coordinating the first event. A collaborative initiative, Intricately Realised brings together craftsmen from across different disciplines through the shared values of craft and quality.

Cutlass also supported a restaurant pop-up on the Southbank, where Silent Pool Distillery products were featured in the cocktails, which complimented food by MasterChef finalists Billy & Jack on the top floor of Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall. There is much more to come from the ever-evolving partnership between Silent Pool and Cutlass over 2018.

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