El Jimador Tequila

Cutlass worked to support the 2017 El Jimador campaign to bring over a Jimador (a specialist farmer who harvests agave plants) along with actual agave plants to the UK for the first time. The aim? To demonstrate the process of the agave harvest in person, the crucial first step in the production of tequila which requires a lot of skill, and training. This one-of-a-kind chance to both meet a Jimador in person and see the harvesting process is usually reserved for those lucky to find themselves in Mexico and acted as a test case to see if it was logistically possible to provide consumers and trade with this live demonstration in other parts of the world.

To coincide with the Imbibe trade show in London, Cutlass managed the content around the campaign and provided creative ideas to meet the brief. The Jimador demonstration was complimented with a push of the Paloma cocktail to provide extra content and hooks for the consumer press. Dubbed the Mexican G&T, the Paloma serve was incorporated to stir a re-appraisal of the tequila category within consumers, distancing the spirit from the shot occasion and focussing on an authentic Mexican experience.

Cutlass brought together the trade and consumer press around the Jimador demonstration, including coordinating press interviews with Jose Cortes (Jimadores) and Ruben Aceves Vidrio (Global Brand Ambassador). They also built up the social media strategy for the campaign, including the creative (videos, design, illustrations etc) ensuring that appropriate hashtags were encouraged to track the campaign across multiple channels.

By managing the PR, advertising, social media, event coordination and engagement with the on-trade bartender groups, Cutlass were able to present a joined up, cohesive campaign across multiple outlets and multiple audiences. The bartending groups, in particular, built up a lot of buzz in the on-trade about the unique opportunity and encouraged strong attendance at the events.

There was a significant pick up for both of the aspects of the campaign, and a successful radio slot with Hoxton Radio for the two El Jimador ambassadors.

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