Cremorne 1859

Colonel Fox Gin & Gentleman Badger Sloe Gin is a unique collaboration between experienced mixologists Richard Herbert, Stuart Ekins, Antoni Heatley and the artist Charlotte Cory, whose pictures adorn the labels. The London Dry Gin is produced by Charles Maxwell, owner of Thames Distillery. Made from a classic London Dry recipe, just six botanicals are deemed essential to the flavouring of Colonel Fox’s London Dry Gin, produced using traditional methods. Juniper from Italy, Bitter Orange peel sourced from Morocco (gives freshness), Cassia bark (produces an aromatic spice), Angelica root (helps to make the gin dry), Coriander seed (releases lemon and a peppery finish) and Liquorice root, which gives sweetness and a creamy mouth feel.Gentleman Badger’s Sloe Gin is a result of macerating the finest sloe berries in high strength Colonel Fox’s Gin. Distilled to a proprietary recipe of the founders requirements, representing Gin as it should taste. Produced in small batches of 1000 bottles per production run from 500litre John Dore Pot stills, with a Maceration Time of 12 to 15hrs.