Cutlass successfully coordinated the UK activities for The House of Angostura in 2017 including the UK heat of their global cocktail challenge, ensuring a smooth transition to a new distributor and an immersive, interactive installation and event.

2017 was an important year for the house to bring together all of its activities, especially with the newly launched brand extension of the Amaro di Angostura Liqueur. The aim was to ensure a strong brand identity to be presented to consumers and trade alike. Cutlass was integral in achieving this within the UK market.

The UK heat of the Angostura global cocktail challenge was the first port of call. From driving coverage in the trade press to advertise the competition to bartenders, there was also a significant amount of work to do to drive entries, as the entry criteria were quite involved, from submitting a video to providing a CV. Working with two distributors to ensure that key bars were targeted, and with the brand to ensure the judges were of high quality, Cutlass was heavily involved in the logistics, both behind the scenes and on the day. The key? To preserve the Trinidadian heritage, a sense of fun, and laid-back nature of the rum category, whilst retaining and building on Angostura’s premium image with the rum sector. Due to the unique insight Cutlass has into the UK bar industry, they also pushed the brand to open up the competition to the whole of the UK, rather than keeping things London-centric (an all-too-often seen solution to a complex logistical issue). Social media played a huge part in disseminating this aspect of competition, and Cutlass also managed the logistics (including travel budgets and strategies) to make sure that this important, and inclusive, element of the UK final was possible.

The sell-out event at East London’s TT Liquor on October 24th saw guests transported back in time to 1900’s Trinidad and Tobago through a series of experiential and interactive rooms.

The collateral built by Cutlass will be used and taken forwards by The House of Angostura going forwards through Christmas and into next year (without the cocktail competition in 2018 though). Cutlass will be working on another immersive event, building on the success of last year’s, with all contractors keen to be involved again.

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